"You know when you run with Son Heung-min. Original Fantastic"

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เมื่อ: 2019-01-06 18:06:50
Recently, his colleague Delle Ali gave a rave reviews to Son, who is showing fantastic performances. When I play with Son, I don't think I'm surprised by his performance, which is what he used to be."

Delle Ali expressed regret over Son's absence from the team to participate in the Asian Cup in London, a British media outlet, on Thursday (Korea time).

The media first showed Son's performance recently. The media said Son scored six goals and 토토사이트five assists in the last five games.

Thanks to Son Heung-min, who has shown the best performance in the entire league, Tottenham has also been on the rise recently. However, Son will leave Tottenham to join the Korean national team after a regular league game against Manchester United on Saturday.

"If you train with him every day and play with him, you'll know his level," Dellei said. "He's an incredible player. "I have eyes that use both my feet and score goals, and I can do magic under nothing."

"So I'm not surprised by Son's performance. He was originally a fantastic player," he said calmly.

It is a big loss to win the Asian Cup." ``It is a great loss for us to have Son leave. Because he is a great player, he expressed regret.

However, it is sad that Son will leave soon, but he will eventually return, and we need to keep doing well. Who knows? Lucas Moum is a good player," adding, "Other players will fill the gap enough."


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