Company name         : Chemtech Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Address                      : 797 Soi Pracharat 23, Pracharat 1 Rd., Bangsue, Bangsue, Bangkok, 10800 
Nature of Business    : At present, the company is renowned for
                                       Being a consultant for the CSSD in hospitals.
                                       Being a consultant for the designing and developing the Washer Disinfector.
                                       Giving the knowledge for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization for the hospitals.
                                       Being training the hospital staffs to use the washing and sterilizing control 
                                       test products accordance to the European Norm and international standard. 
                                       Being Trading Firm of Chemische Fabrik Dr.Weigert GmbH & Co.and F.R.       
                                       GALANTAI MANUFACTURING LTD. also provide after-sale Service for all of     
                                       our customers.
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